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Meet NEW people based on common interests and location! Make new friends and stay in touch directly inside the app, find love, chat, flirt...!



Meet people like you,
meet people who like you!
Tailored just for you.


Real people,
Real personalities,
Real conversations!
A real first impression.


Effortless experience.
No more profiles,
Searching is boring,
Time is precious!


Who will you meet next?
Where will those relationships become?
Only the game knows...


Video Chat

video chat

First impressions are so important, don't waste your time reading long profiles. Know right away who you are talking to and let your conversation be the profile.

Common Interests

Common interests

Search no more! Automatically meet people based on your preferences, common interests, and location. We even show you what you have in common.

Add Friends

you can add friends

Make new friends and stay in touch directly inside the app, without giving away your personal information! Expand your horizons, who knows where that will lead you?


privacy is important

GameOfChat is the ultimate private experience. There are no public profiles and we don't ask for your personal information. Enjoy the best video chat in the world!

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